Message from Our Co-Chairs
Message from ​Chairman - CECB

Present Globalization has enabled scientists, researchers, intellectuals and practitioners all over the world to link together and work hand in hand to face up to new challenges that have arisen due to natural disasters. However our ultimate aspiration should be on formulating long-term solutions to these global issues in order to reduce the number of victims that increase day by day in landslide prone areas. Thus I find it as a great opportunity for all of us to actively contribute towards this end by contributing towards this global conference. I take this opportunity to invite you to share your valuable knowledge through effective and productive participation.

Eng. G. D. A. Piyatilake
Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau

Message from Executive Director - ICL

On behalf of the International Consortium on Landslides(ICL), I would like to invite you to join in the E-conference holding for the second time, opening up more provisions for range of individuals who wish to acquire knowledge and expertise in Landslide Risk Reduction. We focus on devising a team of youth, mastered the techniques to serve and survive long into the future.

Prof. Kyoji Sassa
Executive Director
International Consortium on Landslides.

Message from the Team Leader

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I warmly welcome you to the 2nd E-conference on Landslide Disaster Reduction. We were immensely pleased to collate the findings of the 1st E-conferece which was held in 2015 and extend our sincere thanks for those who contributed towards its success. We believe that the E-conference 2017 will help us to seal long term global partnerships to work towards human empowerment on Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction.

Eng. A. A. Virajh Dias
Team Leader
E-conference 2017

Message from the Director General – NBRO

Occurrence of landslides and their reactivation have become a frequent natural phenomenon in Sri Lanka causing severe damages to life and property. As a mandatory technical institute to manage the landslide disaster in the country, National Building Research Organization (NBRO) has taken many initiatives for landslide risk reduction including the Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping Programme (LHMP) which was the first that helped to identify the potential landslide areas in the country. I find it as a great opportunity to join with the 2 nd E-conference as a national level partner and I invite all of you to join with this Global Online Dialogue to extract the best to care the needed.

Dr. (Eng.) Asiri Karunawardana
Director General
National Building Research Organization

Benifits for You..


  • Being a part of a global professional network to create an active intellectual linkage

  • Explore new provisions to present your own efforts to an inspired community

  • Receive remarks and recognition as an expert within the field through an open source media

Welcome to the E-conference 2017

The Training Unit in association with the Natural Resources Management & Laboratory Services of Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau presents the E- conference 2017 under the theme of “Developing Model Policy Frameworks, Standards and Guidelines on Landslide Disaster Reduction”. This event is conducted for the second time concurrent to the work Plan scheduled to be done as winning the title of World Centre of Excellence on Landslide Disaster Reduction 2014-2017.

The Conference will mainly focus the following sub themes.

Theme A

Youth Empowerment in Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction through Knowledge Sharing

Commence On: 30th April

Theme B

Disaster Resilient Housing, Building, Land Management and Agricultural Development

Commence On: 10th May

Theme C

Indigenous Knowledge in Landslide Disaster Management

Commence On: 20th May

Join to the Global On-line Dialogue!

Registered users will be able to upload their documentary efforts on

  • Landslide Disaster Management & related projects
  • Ongoing Research areas
  • Reports on innovative technological background used in disaster mitigation in the world

You are able to comment on any uploaded document of a keynote expert / other participants and create a linkage between a global proficient team.

At the end of each Theme, the most imperative facts discussed throughout the conference will be extracted and presented as a dialogue

The final outcome of the three dialogues which will be summarized and presented as Summary for each theme.


Free Registration       

E-Conference Theme A,B,C
Audience 060   Invitees
National Corner  

Time and Action Plan


Time (2017)

 Web Launch of the 2nd E-conference

6th April

 Registration of the Participants

6th onwards

 Commencement of the E-conference 2017

30th April

 Discussion prioritized on Theme A

30th April onwards

 Discussion prioritized on Theme B

30th June onwards

 Discussion prioritized on Theme C

30th August onwards

 Questionnaire to acquire knowledge of adaptations (in partnership with local communities)

30th August

 Open Session for detailed discussion or Comments on Theme A,Theme B & Theme C

30th April - 18th October

 Summarize the significant facts discussed under each theme

20th October

 Declare the final results and Closing Remarks of the E-conference 2017

30th October

Keynote Experts and Facilitators of E-conference 2017
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